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Had Wood picked that moment to acquire a top agent, possibly, he could have ridden the wave all the way in — but even when the surf was up, what he sought was that perfect, impossible wave. Months later, at an impromptu party in Washington, I glanced at a TV set flickering the opening of the commercial I had not yet seen.

On the crescendo streets below, junkies trudged beneath crimson neon toward Needle Park.(e) Write finished dialogue and position exactly (to guide the letterer) in relation to the characters.(f) Since comics are storytelling-in-pictures, few or no captions are actually necessary.“Wood has these terrible migraines,” said Larry Ivie.“He draws for an hour or so, gets a headache, lies down and then does no work for the rest of the day.”But this wasn’t evident to me when I started working with Wood a few years later.

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