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Investors believe their money will be secure but millions are lost!“American Greed" unravels the elaborate Ponzi scheme which left a religious community betrayed and baffled.Case 2: The story of a murderous Chicago doctor who bilked Medicare!He’s a caring doctor with a sterling bedside manner. But beneath the charm lies a con artist; a doctor playing the system and making off with more than a million.But the billionaire falls from grace after federal prosecutors accuse him of masterminding a .7 billion fraud! Another plan to steal secrets and cash in on stock that's about to soar. Joe Conforte is the pioneering pimp who makes millions peddling sex at the Nevada Ranch. But his thirst for power and influence ultimately bring him down.Multi-millionaire businessmen and brothers Andrew and Robert Kissel have it all...beautiful families, mansions, country clubs, and fast cars. But, the Kissel brothers’ good fortune runs out and ends in murder. Two young traders, David Pajcin and Eugene Plotkin, are the masterminds behind a complex Wall Street con. Michael Mastromarino, a disgraced dentist, carves out a gruesome new business.

American Greed goes behind prison walls for a rare glimpse into Kozlowski's personal life and one of the biggest cases of white-collar theft in U. American Greed profiles one of the largest car scams in U. Together they team up and make millions in the real estate market.Fen-Phen is introduced as a weight-loss pill to America, unfortunately it increases your risk for Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH).Three Kentucky lawyers swindle clients out of a separate Class-Action Lawsuit against American Pharmaceutical (0M) to live the high life. He was once a broker who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Manhattan trading pits.American Greed profiles one of the most lucrative pyramid schemes in history. By day, he's a property manager; by night, a cat burglar who executed some of the most daring jewel heists in American history! John Bennett's "Foundation for New Era Philanthropy" stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting patrons. 0 million in art is stolen from a Boston museum. Trusting Christians from small, struggling churches who are hoping to better their communities hand over their savings to this pastor.A story of deception, theft and "American Greed." Case 2: Eric Stein, mastermind of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Nevada history, cost his victims nearly million. Paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Manet disappear into the night! But instead, as many as 1600 churches nationwide are swindled out of million.

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