Choi ji woo dating

Unfortunately, she committed suicide shortly after the breakup.The Playful Kiss actor secretly registered his marriage and son's birth in 2011. People who watched the program have been pairing the two up, encouraging them to date as their chemistry have been quiet appealing on screen.

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The actress starred with actor Lee Seo Jin in the variety show Grandpa Over Flowers and their chemistry on set caused fans to buzz with excitement.

Lee Seo Jin dated actress Kim Jung Eun in the past, while Choi Ji Woo dated fellow actor Lee Jin Wook for two years, but the two eventually broke up.

Lately, Choi Ji Woo had a sit-down interview with Yonhap expressing that she is too old to fantasize about getting married.

Whether or not the dating rumors are true, the actress has stated before that she isn’t in a rush to get married.

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