Christine dolce and zak bagans still dating

It comes as no surprise that Zak Bagans is, as he puts it, a “night dude.” When I shoot him an email around a.m.

on a weeknight, he gets back to me pretty fast, asking if we can chat right away.

Even though you are an investigator, you need to realize this can be extremely dangerous -- and not just because of demons.

It is like Pandora's Box, and I feel like you've already opened it.

I was happy, because I'm going to be the Mrs Zak Bagans. We were investigating Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.. I've been there before as a kid, and have gotten my hair pulled, really hard. These locations have connections, I'm going to tell Zak about this, so he can interview me for the show. Zak doesn't know that I dated Nick, and broke up 3 days before I met my fiance. I guess the secret was out, no reason to tell him now.

I'm going to be Marcy Lauryn Dela Torre Bagans. "Well Zak, I wanted to ask my ex-girlfriend something." Nick replied.

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Bagans: I would just tell him that you need to be more cautious, and need to not open yourself up as much as you do.Host of the Travel Channel's paranormal series Ghost Adventures who founded the Ghost Adventures Crew. He co-starred in Ghost Adventures with Aaron Goodwin.He found work as a wedding DJ after graduating from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. "Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans fled his Las Vegas home years ago -- but now he's finally ready to sell the place for dirt cheap ... Zak is unloading his 4,700-square-foot Vegas townhouse -- complete with a chrome toilet, hidden dungeon behind a bookcase, and alleged paranormal activity. Zak tells TMZ he bought the pad for 0K, but claims he ended up with a real demon for a roommate after bringing home a human skull ... He believes demonic forces yanked him outta bed and shoved his GF down a flight of stairs -- which might be the worst sales pitch ever. Zak says he got the hell out more than 2 years ago.

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