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The load was so huge it had to be taken away by a seven-ton truck.Mesa Community College is part of the Maricopa County Community College District.Those postmen and women who are caught stealing from the post have often carried out thousands of individual thefts.For example, Nicholas Fryer was jailed for two years in 2004 after taking 130,000 letters and parcels over a five-year period and stashing them in his house and shed."This approach is shared by the overwhelming majorityof our people who are honest and hardworking and take great pride in getting mail safely to 27million addresses across the UK every working day.

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Royal Mail is bombarded with complaints from customers who have not received deliveries they are expecting, from valuable mail order goods to birthday cards containing cash.

Prosecutors said the 31-year-old opened the packages he thought contained items of value.

The following year Lisa Harvey, 31, of Plymouth, was charged with stealing 100,000 pieces of mail.

"It is in customers' interest that this is now done." There are concerns that Royal Mail's reliance on temporary contract staff, particularly around Christmas, means the system is more vulnerable to theft.

The editor of the postal industry website, Hellmail, Steve Lawson, said: "Any cases of internal theft are enormously damaging and it may be that there is some correlation with cost-saving measures such as hiring of temporary staff or the trend towards replacing full-time staff with part-time.

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