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Alternatively to the above syntax a basic time domain may be composed of a starting date and an ending date with the following notation: [(Starting Date) (Ending Date)].

Example: It is specific for each time domain related attribute whether the general syntax or one of the two special cases mentioned is appropriate for representing the respective time domain value.

Combining in-depth industrial experience and trading capabilities, GDF SUEZ Trading, a 100% GDF SUEZ subsidiary, is the consolidated trading arm of the Group in Europe.

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This proximity and deep understanding of the gas and power industrial spheres gives us the capacity to provide bespoke market services to GDF SUEZ’s global and diversified industrial asset portfolio.GDF time domains are a possibility to specify time intervals.Their advantage is that multiple recurring intervals can be defined by only one string.Note that both special cases have mandatory encasing brackets.For time domain attributes which expect both start date and duration, it is possible to provide only a start time, and the missing of the duration signifies an implicit "always", post the starting date.

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