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List controls in Microsoft Access, such as the combo box and list box, offer choices to the user.

Updating this list is a simple process — your choice is deciding whether users can update it.

When the answer is yes, the solution requires just a bit of code in the combo control's Click the control's drop-down arrow to view its list, as shown in Figure A.

The control lets you enter a non-list item, but when you press Enter or Tab, Access displays the error message shown in Figure B. That's what the code in Listing A does — it gives the user a choice.

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The truth is that it's easier to change your strategy than to update a value list programmatically (although it can be done).Users don't have to wait until you manually update the list to continue their work and you aren't interrupted to update the list.Adding or deleting items from a combo box isn't difficult.Be sure to test this event thoroughly and update it with a custom error-handling routine. For better or worse, this procedure updates the list only for the current work session.You can't permanently update the value list in Form view.

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