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There is a controversy about a certain chat bot in some chat rooms.The one major disagreement is about the bot greeting new users in chat.He never had any beef with people in rooms who don't appreciate the bot interacting in some way telling it not to. Good night and happy coding :) Call me naive, but... The rules for humans are pretty straightforward - in particular, the rules of etiquette boil down to, "don't annoy other people".He was just asking why impose an opinion on other [email protected] so it has devolved to justifying out of context quoting (his quote is about that SU room), and ad hominem? If a chat-bot is annoying people (by posting lots of noisy messages or - just as an example - graphic videos of a sex-change operation) then it's violating the rules.I'm intentionally not reading the ridiculously long back-story on this, @all. @Shog9 I have no problem with the third paragraph of your answer.I'm proposing a very simple, easy to understand rule of thumb based on the question being asked here - if there's a reason why this wouldn't work, then let's hear it. The second paragraph however, is problematic, because how many people have to be annoyed before it's a problem? If a nameless user XXXXXX is annoyed, does that matter as much as a SE employee being annoyed, or a diamond mod? But my opinion was not solicited before I was asked to remove this feature from my bot.Let's hash this out right [email protected] I'd edit out the opinion from the question and post it as an answer.

They saw the room name, joined, and asked to ask a question. The solution to give them a personal one line notification and leave it at that was made, and honestly it has worked in everyones favor (in the Javascript room).There is no objective definition of whether X behavior is annoying.Well, maybe, a mosquito flying around you would universally be annoying, but considering the number of upvotes and comments arguing that the auto-greetings are not annoying, it's hardly as clear-cut as that.BTW: I fully agree with the part about "shouldn't allow you to do anything you couldn't do by yourself", but copy and pasting a message to every new user you see the first time is something that a room could do manually.Here's how: maintain 24/7 shifts of a chat monitor person, who is responsible for noticing when users enter who've never entered before, and @ them with the template greeting.

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