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No obvious sign of GFDL, copyrighted by website and no mention of wikipedia - L∴V , 10 April 2009 (UTC) May 2010: - Absolute Astronomy asserts its legal copyright for all original works of authorship or intellectual property published on Absolute

If our customer fails to contact you, we will proceed with the cancellation of the privacy service on this domain." The subject of the email is "RE :: 1BX.

--Moonriddengirl 2010-10-18: E-mailed standard CC-BY-SA violation letter to afropedeaout AT and bloowis AT 2010-10-25: Received response; website owner stated his intent to comply, but claimed to have created most of his webpage's content. 2010-11-02: Sample page has since been blanked, other pages (e.g. still use (uncredited) Wikipedia content 2011-12-20: Site's African Architecture ([4]) and African Science and Technology ([5]) articles both credit Wikipedia. It does not seem to use remote loading except when it has no copy of the article.

The vast majority of content on the site is copyrighted by wikipedia authors, and licensed to Absolute Astronomy under certain terms (GFDL I guess?

), which include the right for others to 'publish, modify, and transmit' the content of the site. Decora , (UTC) I have no idea whether they often crib from us, but the last paragraph of the cited sample page on "Archival Investigations: Early Electro-mechanical Sound Works and Artifacts from Trimpin’s First Five Years in Seattle" is a straight-out copy of the first two paragraphs of our article on Trimpin - Jmabel Only contains top edit in article history, looks to be a mirror of the WP database as of June 23, 2005.

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