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You want to give your best and each project is different than the other so it's not based on, 'Well, I want this to be better than this.' You know how you want it to feel." To tie this concept to an example, Wonder revealed how this exercise played out on 2016's "Where's Our Love Song?" He'd written the piano part for the song seven years earlier, but couldn't come up with the right lyrics. Wonder noted that he only stops working on a song when he is satisfied as both an artist and a producer, even if that means spending hours listening back and making adjustments.Family vacations would have happened on time if could have done that." "If it's not done and it doesn't feel right, it's just not done.A lot, especially when it's when you hear something like "Speed Dating For Songwriters." Rights management company BMI is taking its longstanding initiative in a fresh direction, including a trademark filing and a new partnership with You Tube.

To illustrate his point, Wonder recalled recording his 1976 GRAMMY Album Of The Year-winning Songs In The Key Of Life. I would hook it up and listen and listen," said Wonder, who recalled re-recording the songs "Black Man" and "Contusion" over and over again until the songs had the exact feel he was going for.

Motown head Berry Gordy warned that political messages might cause people to stop buying his records, but Wonder was undeterred.

"I feel like those of us who have been blessed with the gift of expression, we have to express ourselves lovingly," said Wonder.

Case in point: "Why," Franklin's catchy gem of a collaboration with Stevie Wonder, presents a social critique that fuses soul with a traditional fire-and-brimstone preaching style that zeroes in on modern-day ills such as materialism and terror in a way that remains particularly relevant today, especially given the work of acolytes such as Chance The Rapper and Kanye West.

"Why" is the 14th track on Franklin's 2005 release, , which earned a GRAMMY for Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album and was very much a concept album about a world still reeling from the Sept. When I'm getting ready to go onstage or to undertake a life-changing event, I'll listen to it in my headphones because it helps me focus, and reminds me of what it is I do and why I do it." The Songwriters Hall of Fame has announced its 2018 nominees, a list representing a catalog of seemingly countless hits, from country classics, reggae jams and iconic rap to pop gems, R&B anthems and more.

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