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You will learn more about the EL programs that are available, and your participation in the groups is a terrific venue in which to have your voice heard. For more information, contact Karen Mathern, Assistant Principal of Guidance, at 408-535-6290, or at All seniors requesting letters of recommendation from Leland teachers and counselors must complete a Letter of Recommendation packet.

Students are not free to move away when they are being physically restrained.Seclusion is the solitary confinement of a student in a room or area (e.g.a garden) from which their exit is prevented by a barrier or another person.When used by a staff member in immediate response to behaviours of concern, seclusion may also include situations where a student is left alone in a room or area and reasonably believes they cannot leave that room or area even if they would physically be able to, i.e. Regulation 25 of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 provides that:“A member of staff of a Government school may take any reasonable action that is immediately required to restrain a student of the school from acts or behaviour that is dangerous to the member of staff, the student, or any other person.” Physical restraint and seclusion should not be used unless immediately required to protect the safety of the student or any other person (see below).Rooms or areas designed specifically for the purpose of seclusion or which are used solely or primarily for the purpose of seclusion are not permitted in Victorian government schools.

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