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Quite often, the work in question is some sort of Fan Fic, but also included in this category are completely original works.

Most long-form Fan Fic is posted on places like in installments, and thus would qualify as this trope.

Einige von den Selfies habe ich selber mit meinem Handy aufgenommen.

Manchmal knipse ich auch mit meiner besten Freundin zusammen nice Pics.

It’s sex; it’s religion; it’s a whole new way of life.

A moose is loitering outside a hotel in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. and so is the porcupine a few feet away, as well as the many foxes and wolves.

Judging from the Midwest Fur Fest, this is no hobby.

Spiritual Ancestors of this trope are the Serial Novels which Charles Dickens' (and other authors of that time) originally published in serial form in newspapers and in Dime Novel form.

See Web Fiction Guide and Muses Success for incomplete listings of serial novels, among other forms of online prose fiction.

Voll hot, finde ich es mit meinem I Phone geile Selfies von mir zu knipsen.

Alle meine Freunde sagen, daß meine Bilder sexy und cool sind und deshalb dachte ich mir, daß ich euch mit meinen Pics auch eine Freude machen will.?

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