Updating database with datagrid

Dispose() Next If I dim i as integer Dim conn As New Sql Connection("*******") conn.open() for i = 0 to Data Grid View1count - 1 Dim query As String = "Insert Into orders(Itemname, Quantity, totalcost, barcode, ordernumber, orderdate, buyinprice, saleprice, vendorname, status, Repair Number) values (@Itemname, @Quantity, @totalcost, @barcode, @ordernumber, @orderdate, @buyinprice, @saleprice, @vendorname, @status, @Repair Number)" Dim cmd As New Sql Command(query, conn) cmd. Add With Value("@itemname", Data Grid View1.item(0,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@Quantity", Data Grid View1.item(1,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@totalcost", Data Grid View1.item(2,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@barcode", Data Grid View1.item(3,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@ordernumber", Data Grid View1.item(4,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@orderdate", Data Grid View1.item(5,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@buyinprice", Data Grid View1.item(6,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@saleprice", Data Grid View1.item(7,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@vendorname", Data Grid View1.item(8,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@status", Data Grid View1.item(9,i).value.tostring) cmd. Add With Value("@repairnumber", Data Grid View1.item(10,i).value.tostring) cmd.executenonquery() Next() connclose() Thanks for your response. Count - 1 Dim itemname As String = Data Grid View1.

Open() Dim query As String = "Insert Into orderstable(Itemname, Quantity, totalcost, barcode, ordernumber, orderdate, buyinprice, saleprice, vendorname, status, Repair Number) values (@Itemname, @Quantity, @totalcost, @barcode, @ordernumber, @orderdate, @buyinprice, @saleprice, @vendorname, @status, @Repair Number)" Dim cmd As New Sql Command(query, conn) cmd.

In any case, please see the code I have listed below for my update Data Grid event. Can you post the Action Query and Retrieve Courses functions?

With this code, the DB is updated using the old data in the datagrid prior to the users changes, why is this and how can I take the new data out of the grid after the user makes changes? private void courses Data Grid_Update Command(object source, System. We'll get down to the bottom of it somewhere in here.

Bound mode is suitable for managing data using automatic interaction with the data store.

One very common use of the Data Grid View control is binding to a table in a database.

The UI layer which is the code you see here takes the values from the controls, and passes it back to a controller object, which is shown here as course Manager.

The Data Grid is not set up to a data source, or a data adapter, so everytime I make a change I send the cell information to another object which forms an SQL query and makes the query to the DB (actually to a DBFacade object).

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The Data Grid View can display data in Bound mode, unbound mode and Virtual mode .Retrieve Courses returns a new copy of the table as a Data Table. Best wishes, Jon Agiato "Ian Suttle" Jon, Without seeing how Update Course works, it is difficult to tell.Is that data that you are passing into the function being stored in a datatable or is it directly updating your database layer? Add With Value("@repairnumber", Repair Number) cmd. If anyone has an easier way to accomplish this, I would be happy to hear it.

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