Who is dating perez hilton

Your Tango: You just put out a new album; why is music so important to you? Perez Hilton: Music is like oxygen to me—essential! For this compilation, I wanted to do something different than the first.

Although Hilton has an affinity for some celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Sophia Bush, he also has a "vendetta" against certain stars, such as Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens and Gossip Girl teen actress Taylor Momsen.

He was sued for libel by Samantha Ronson, who was dating Lindsay Lohan at the time, for alleging the DJ planted drugs in the actress’ car in 2007.

The current relationship status of Perez Hilton is not known.

Your Tango: If you wrote a love song about Taylor Swift's life, what would you call it?

Perez Hilton: "Talented and Rich." She's got lots of both.

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